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Yangquan Zhongjia Abrasives Co., Ltd. emerged in China in 1993 in China as small enterprise for production of cutting and grinding discs. Gradually increasing production capacity and enhancing quality the company has started exports to Europe, Middle East, South-East Asia, North and South America, Oceania and Africa thus becoming one of the biggest producers of tools accessories in the world.




Yangquan Zhongjia Abrasives Co., Ltd. cares about its reputation, monitors innovations on the market of construction tools, constantly improves current products and develops new product ranges that meet all of the clients’ needs.






Cutting and grinding discs CUTOP are widely used in various industries including automotive, foundry, assembly production, shipbuilding and construction. A team of experienced professionals who provide technical support ensures that CUTOP products have high quality and are highly productive.


Since 2014 Tsel Ltd. is an exclusive representative of Yangquan Zhongjia Abrasives Co., Ltd.


Our goal is to provide the whole range of services to our clients, exceed their expectations by offering the best solutions and efficient products!





Research, development, safety


Due to the joint efforts of the Research Department and leading Chinese institutes our experts are continuously developing new technical solutions and optimize current product range in order to meet client needs.


Being a producer of abrasive and cutting equipment we understand the importance of client safety and comfort by means of long term reduction of dust, noise and vibration levels which are caused by tools.


During all processes which affect production of abrasives, starting from research and development, we stress the importance of safety. Our products are designed with due consideration of labor production including extreme mechanical and temperature loads.



To pay attention to safety and comfort of an operator is our responsibility. Therefore all cutting, grinding and flap discs CUTOP are designed and produced to correspond to the following standards:


  • EN 12413: 2007 (for cutting and grinding discs),
  • EN 13743: 2002 (for flap discs),
  • ISO 9001 (quality management).



Product range


With modern production system, sophisticated production technologies and highly qualified we produce highly productive abrasives: cutting and grinding discs, diamond saw discs, flap discs, drill bits.


CUTOP offers the widest range of cutting and grinding discs of any type among competitors. With our product and service solutions professional metal and stone processing becomes very simple.


CUTOP products are divided into three separate product ranges with different price/production levels which gives every client an opportunity to make the right choice.



This range is designed for professional use. Using superhard materials (cubic boron nitride, calcined aluminium oxide) increases performance and product life, thus enhancing labor efficiency.





This product range offers the top-notch quality and is designed for industry use. Discs operate quicker and have higher product life along with lower operating expenses. This range was developed to provide exclusively convenient and easy use while meeting maximum requirements of professional consumers.





This series offers optimal performance with perfect pricequality ratio, the most profitable solutions are within this range. Discs can be used for cutting and grinding the wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, cast iron and stone.



Customer Care


Assistance in choice


Based on key technologies and professional competence in production we help clients select and implement cost-efficient solutions for any industry sector.

We strive to take a leading position in reducing quantity of operations, time of production cycle, in enhancing product quality by offering the best production ratios.




CUTOP product range is distinguished by unique features: 


  • Comfort of use
  • Lowered level of waste and vibration


We offer products of the highest quality which demonstrate high performance along with comfort and efficiency.


We guarantee quality, precision and durability of all our products.




Assistance in product promotion


To achieve high turnover we offer special promotion events. Professional recommendations for product exhibiting help clients maintain sales in the long-run.





Proffessional training of sales managers 


We help clients widen professional skills of sales managers by conducting interesting trainings which include both theory and practice, sharing experience, lectures by professional speakers, product tests.